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QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale helps Nashville businesses with some of the biggest problems that they face, such as ringing up sales, tracking customers, managing their inventories, and at the end of the day, getting all of those insights quickly over to their QuickBooks financial software.

A key requirement of any point of sale is to ring up customers quickly and efficiently. With QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you can ring up a customer on a desktop PC, a laptop, or even walk around the store with a Microsoft Service Pro. So what does ringing up a sale look like with QuickBooks point of sale?

Getting Started With QuickBooks Point of Sale in Nashville

On your Home screen, if you click on Make a Sale, there are three key ways you can enter an inventory item. The fastest and most popular way is to scan an item. If a barcode is damaged or has fallen off of an item, you can key in the item's information by keyword search or select the item from your inventory dropdown.

For even more usefulness, when you make QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale your point of sale in Nashville, you can add or manage a customer easily with each transaction. This can give you a clearer picture of your customers' behavior, such as which days they shop most, which items they have purchased in the past, and you can implement loyalty rewards to show them your appreciation and to keep them coming back to your store.

Best Point of Sale for Accepting Payments in Nashville

When it's time for your customers to check out, you'll have several forms of payments to choose from, including cash, credit/debit card, check, gift card, and account (send an invoice). The amount on your screen is automatically sent to your credit card processing equipment. This helps to reduce mistakes, as the amount that is on your screen will be automatically billed.

How to Keep the Items in Stock that Customers Want Most

QuickBooks makes managing inventory very simple. Under the "Items" list, you'll find all of the items you sell. From this screen, you can add a new item, or you can make important edits to your current items, such as updating a price point, or if you happen to carry items like shoes and clothing, you'll even be able to track different sizes and style variations.

Next, if you go to purchasing, you'll notice in the dropdown menu a Suggest Purchase Order button. This looks at all items across your point of sale, determines which items you are low on, and it lets you know what you need to reorder. Once you've created your purchase order, when the truck pulls up with your inventory, you get a Receiving Voucher. This helps you make sure that the items you ordered are the items that you are actually receiving.

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